Let's Eat

Our food menu is action packed with all your favourites, join us for lunch, dinner or casual drinks and nibbles with friends. We change our food menu daily but you can check out our sample menu below.

Allergen information can be found at the bottom of this page.


Chocolate & Raspberry Tart

Price: 5.5

w/ vanilla custard (v).

Warm Chocolate Brownie

Price: 4.5

w/ vanilla ice cream (v).

Lemon Tart

Price: 3.95

w/ crème fraîche

New York Cheesecake

Price: 4.5

w/ a raspberry coulis (v).


Green Thai Chicken Curry

Price: 9.5

w/ basmati rice & chota naan.

Smoked Mackerel Salad

Price: 12.5

w/ crispy bacon, new potatoes and egg.

Grilled Sirloin Steak

Price: 15

w/ chips & green peppercorn sauce.

Roasted Butternut Squash & Spinach Risotto

Price: 9

Pork Belly, Triple Cooked Chips

Price: 12

w/ fried duck egg & red pepper ketchup.

Chargrilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Price: 9.5

Beer-Battered Haddock & Chips

Price: 11

w/ tartare and mushy peas .

Pork Londoner Sausage & Mash

Price: 9.5

w/ red wine & onion gravy.

Chargrilled Beef Burger In Toasted Brioche

Price: 9

w/ french fries.

Chargrilled Chicken Burger in Toasted Brioche

Price: 9.5

w/ fries.


BBQ Pulled Pork on Toasted Brioche

Price: 7

w/ slaw & fries.

Chargrilled Sirloin Steak on Ciabatta

Price: 7.5

w/ caramelised red onion & fries.

Toasted Sunblazed Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto Ciabatta

Price: 5.95

Fish Finger Sandwich on Griddled Brioche

Price: 6.5

w/ tartare sauce & fries

Roast Chicken

Price: 6.5

w/ stuffing and cranberry sauce

Roast Scotch Beef

Price: 6.5

w/ creamed horseradish


Giant Onion Rings (v)

Price: 3.75

Baby Leaf & Herb Salad (v)

Price: 3.75

Mac ‘n’Cheese (v)

Price: 3.75

Asian Slaw (v)

Price: 3.25

Sweet Potato Fries (v)

Price: 4

Chips or Skinny Fries

Price: 2.95


Asparagus & Goats’ Cheese Tart

Price: 5

w/ Charred pepper, pea shoots & toasted walnuts (v).

Smoked Black Pudding & Potato Hash

Price: 4.75

w/ free-range poached egg & mustard hollandaise dressing.

Toasted Ciabatta

Price: 4.95

w/ sunblazed tomatoes, cucumber & houmous


Price: 6

w/ cranberry jam and crusty baguette (v).


Price: 4.5

w/ fresh bread.


quench your thirst

Freshness, simplicity and quality are at the heart of our drink menus. Why not come in and try for yourself - Seasonally inspired cocktails & mocktails and expertly selected wines.

Allergen information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Champagne Cocktails...


Price: 7.25

Peach Purée showered with Prosecco


Price: 7.25

Archers and orange juice blended with chilled Prosecco


Price: 7.5

Champagne laced with Crème de Cassis


Price: 7.5

A sugar cube doused in Cognac and topped with chilled Champagne

Classic Cocktails...


Price: 6.25

Eristoff vodka, Beefeater Gin, Bacardi Superior, Olmeca Blanco tequila and triple sec shaken with lemon juice, served long, topped with Coca-Cola


Price: 6.25

37.5ml Absolut Citron, 12.5ml Cointreau, 2 x squeezed lime wedges, 37.5ml cranberry juice, shake and strain, serve straight up


Price: 6.5

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, Cointreau and lemon juice, served long, topped with sparkling lemonade


Price: 6.5

50ml Bacardi Superior, 6 lime wedges, 20ml sugar syrup, 25ml soda, 8 mint leaves, muddle and top with crushed ice


Price: 6.25

Olmeca Blanco tequila shaken with Cointreau and lime juice, served straight up with an optional salt rim


Price: 6.5

Sagatiba Cachaça swizzled with muddled lime and sugar, served on crushed ice


Price: 6.5

Bombay Sapphire gin shaken with lemon juice and sugar syrup, served very long, topped with soda and garnished with a maraschino cherry


Price: 6.5

37.5ml Bacardi 8, 25ml orange Curaçao, 20ml lime juice, 12.5ml Orgeat, shake and strain


Price: 6.5

Gosling’s Black Seal rum and lime juice charged with fiery ginger beer, served long

Cocktail Pitchers...


Price: 15.95

Eristoff vodka, Beefeater gin, Bacardi Superior, Olmeca Blanco tequila and triple sec with lemon juice, topped with Coca-Cola


Price: 15.95

Olmeca Blanco tequila with Cointreau and lime juice, served on the rocks with salted glasses


Price: 17.95

Beefeater gin and nettle cordial stirred through with cloudy apple juice and lemon

Craft Beer...


Price: 5.7

ABV: 5.2% Origin: USA
A dry hopped Vienna style lager from the microbrewery in NYC. Amber gold in colour with a flowery and hoppy aroma.


Price: 5.3

ABV: 4.3% Origin: England
150 years ago the new bitter beer style, pale ale, was so popular that brewers had to import Californian hops to meet demand. The combination
of American Cascade & Centennial hops gives this pale ale a complex citrus aroma and the buckets of Kentish Goldings provide the bitterness which makes this so refreshing.


Price: 5.7

ABV: 4.7% Origin: Belgium
Refreshing and surprisingly crisp, punctuated with an orange and lemon like zest, rounded with a mildly bitter taste and dry finish.


Price: 5.3

ABV: 5.6% Origin: England
This powerfully hoppy IPA is brewed using the finest pale ale malt and three complimentary hops. By balancing these hops (Goldings, Bramling Cross & Chinook), Curious have created a very drinkable beer of great power and harmony.


Price: 5.9

ABV: 5.6% Origin: Iceland
American and Bavarian craft come together with the finest Icelandic water to create the Viking version of the Pale Ale, where robust hoppiness meets smooth, malty undertones. Cascade hops give it the American character, while Northern Brewer hops add just enough bitterness to make this ale refreshingly Icelandic.


Price: 5.8

ABV: 5.0% Origin: England
Brewed using crystal, black and amber malts. It is a beautiful, nutty black beer that has the winemaker’s ‘ooffle dust’ applied in the form of French vanilla oak chips to add a creamy, soft sweetness.


Price: 5.2

ABV: 5.2% Origin: Belgium
A beer with a crisp, clean, dry taste – very refreshing. It has a pleasant lemony aroma with light creamy maltiness.

Gin & Tonics...

williams chase gin & tonic

Price: 10

An English gin, distilled in Herefordshire. A different, fun tasting gin distilled from organic apples, with a lovely crisp, fruity flavour.

hendrick’s gin & tonic

Price: 9

Hendrick’s make their gin using cucumber as one of the primary botanicals. A unique, refreshing, light gin with hints of eucalyptus and lime marmalade.

boodles gin & tonic

Price: 9

Takes its name from Boodle’s gentleman’s club in St. James’s, London. Famous members of Boodle’s gentleman’s club included former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Woody, bark aromas and a smooth lavish finish.

berkeley square gin & tonic

Price: 9.5

A London gin named for Berkeley Square, one of the city’s most sought after addresses. This premium gin made with basil, kaffir lime leaves and lavender, introduces warm peppery depths to your palate. A winter’s day gin.

sipsmith gin & tonic

Price: 9.5

This super-small-batch artisanal gin is flavoured with restraint, making it easier for the natural quality of the spirit to shine through. Dryness leads, with spicy juniper and a hint of lemon tart emerging.

elephant gin & tonic

Price: 10

15% of the Elephant Gin profits are donated to two African elephant foundations, to support the preservation of the wildlife. Using 14 botanicals that include some rather unusual but fascinating African ingredients creating an aromatic dry pine, lavender, zesty flavour.

whitley neill gin & tonic

Price: 8.5

Inspired by Africa, made in England. Smooth and junipery but fresh, warm and citrusy too, based on 9 African botanicals, including the baobab tree and physalis!

portobello road gin & tonic

Price: 8.5

An old style London dry gin, containing traditional botanicals and spices, that harks back to the gins of yesteryear. An excellent, no-nonsense gin.

Red Wine...

Red Knot Shiraz

Price: 29.5

McLaren Vale, Australia

Paso Malbec Merlot, Valle de Uco

Price: 21.5

Mendoza, Argentina

Don Jacobo Rioja Crianza Tinto

Price: 27.5

Rioja, Spain

Dashwood Pinot Noir

Price: 36.5

Marlborough, New Zealand

Pinot Noir Provincia di Pavia

Price: 23

Bolla, Italy

Arium Tempranillo Garnacha

Price: 16.5

Valdepeñas, Spain

Rosé Wine...

Vendange White Zinfandel

Price: 18.5

California, USA

Destinea Pinot Noir Rosé

Price: 24.5

Loire, France

Belvino Pinot Grigio Rosato

Price: 19.5

Delle Venezie, Italy

Seasonal Cocktails...

red rosE

Price: 6.95

Absolut vodka shaken with raspberry purée, fresh lemon juice, a dash of rose liqueur and cranberry juice, served straight up with a spritz of rose essence.

cloud nine

Price: 6.75

A divine combination of Absolut Vanilia vodka and Malibu shaken with pistachio syrup, milk and coconut cream.

Dandelion & blackberry collins

Price: 6.75

Jameson Irish whiskey shaken with blackberry purée, crème de mure, and lemon juice served long and topped with dandelion and burdock.


Price: 6.75

Beefeater gin and Limoncello with redcurrant syrup, lemon juice and lychee purée, topped with Prosecco and a string of redcurrants.

Strawberry & Lemon Thyme Daiquiri

Price: 6.95

Havana Club Especial rum blended with strawberry purée, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and a dash of bitters. Served straight up with a sprig of  lemon thyme on top.

Rum Punch

Price: 7.25

Havana Club 3 year old and Havana Club 7 year old rum combined with passion fruit  purée, mango and lime juices, orgeat syrup,  a dash of orange bitters, topped with Ting, a grapefruit soda and Havana Club Selección de Maestros floated on the top.

Rhubarb & Raspberry Martini

Price: 8.25

An English delight, Chase Rhubarb vodka and Chambord Raspberry liqueur  shaken with fresh lemon juice, pressed  apple juice and sugar syrup. A fresh raspberry floats on top.

Lavender Love

Price: 6.75

Absolut Citron vodka shaken with peach purée, lavender syrup and pomegranate juice.


Price: 6.95

Olmeca Blanco tequila and Aperol, shaken with fresh lemon and pink grapefruit juice  and sugar syrup. Served long and garnished with a fresh sprig of tarragon.


Price: 7.25

Absolut Pears vodka muddled with fresh mint and lime topped with apple juice and a dash of cinnamon syrup.

White Wine...

Petit Chablis, J. Moreau et Fils

Price: 36.5

Burgundy, France

Bourgogne Chardonnay, Paul Deloux

Price: 26.5

Burgundy, France

Short Mile Bay Chardonnay

Price: 19

South Eastern Australia

Don Jacobo, Rioja Blanco

Price: 23.5

Rioja, Spain

Son Excellence, Sauvignon Blanc

Price: 24.5

Côtes de Gascogne, France

Pontebello, Pinot Grigio

Price: 19

South Australia

Arium Airén Blanco Albali

Price: 16.5

Valdepeñas, Spain
Also available by the glass in 175ml/ 250ml